Saturday‚Äôs are jumping days!

Saturday’s are busy and fun at Apple Treat Stables! The riders come early to set up the arena according to Alisha’s specifications. The older girls start chores by putting the horses outside for the day, bringing in the tractor and trailer and start cleaning stalls. The first, of four groups of riders, groom and tack up their horses. On Saturdays parents and younger siblings often stay and watch, chatting together. Curt usually brings in donuts to go with morning coffee.

Before riders may jump they must go through warm up exercises which may include no stirrup work, posting no stirrups. or trotting in two point. In nice weather jumps could be set up in the outdoor ring or out in the hay field. When the riders and horses are warmed up Alisha puts them through the lesson of the day. Apple Treat is a busy place on Saturdays!