Introducing Cadenza; lesson horse extraodinaire!

Cadenza is our very well trained beginner lesson horse. He is fun to ride! He is retired from eventing but is still working teaching people to ride. He knows he has a very important job and he takes it very seriously keeping inexperienced riders in the saddle.

He stands patiently to be groomed offering each foot to be cleaned before you ask him for it. He loves to be “fussed over” by his riders, knows that he looks good with his mane braided, and is man enough to wear pink!

He teaches riders to take charge, he knows riders are in charge of direction and speed but he will wander around the arena until the rider learns that important lesson! I can almost hear him chuckling to himself as he joins a buddy with a young rider on his back! He also knows exactly how long an hour lesson lasts and takes his inexperienced rider to the mounting block when the hour is up!

Cadenza is a grey Quarter horse/Percheron cross about 16 hands tall. He weighs about 1200 pounds and is your classic “gentle giant”. Even though he looks more like his Percheron side he has the classic easy to ride quarter horse jog. Everyone at Apple Treat Stables loves and respects Cadenza!