Apple Treat Stables is a very important place to many people. We are a community where horse owners and horse lovers can come together and enjoy their passion!

This blog is about our day to day adventures: the fun we have with our horses, training and showing our horses, taking care of our horses as well as relaxing with them.

Here at Apple Treat Stables we have a variety of horse breeds to match their “people”; Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Morgans, Paints, and ponies. We even have a Spotted Draft Horse in our herd!

There are several ways people come to join our community. People first think about Apple Treat Stables as a place to learn to ride and experience horses. Taking lessons on a reliable school horse teaches riders basic skills and builds confidence around these 1000 pound animals! Before jumping into buying a horse we offer riders the opportunity to lease one of our lesson horses. Leasing a horse allows the rider to experience a one on one relationship with “their” horse while continuing to take lessons and learn. After leasing a horse, riders may decide they are ready to buy their own horse. Owning your own horse is a big commitment of both time and money. People who already own a horse can board their horse at our facility. Apple Treat Stables takes care of the daily care of everyone’s horse but owners are responsible for grooming, riding, training, and the health care of their horse. Horse owners can choose to participate in a variety of activities that we offer here at the barn such as lessons, horse shows, clinics, parties, horse camps, tack cleaning parties, trail rides and impromptu get together’s.