Off topic post……Angora Rabbits!

Two English Angora Rabbits came to make their home at Apple Treat Stables! And yes, one is a buck and the other is a doe.

It took us a couple of weeks to decide on names. Naming animals is not an easy task. The bucks name is Koala and the does name is Coconut because that is what they each resemble. Coconut is actually “ Fawn” color and Koala is a “ Black Tortoiseshell”.

I have been looking casually, off and on, for about a year for an Angora Rabbit. There are four recognized breeds of Angoras; English, French, Satin, and German Angoras. English Angoras mature between 5 1/2 to 71/2 pounds. They are the smallest of the Angoras and have long fur on their ears and feet which makes them look like little balls of fur! They do need to be groomed every week so they don’t get matted.

I decided to get the Angoras for their wool and a few of us here at the barn are learning to spin our own yarn. Amy, who keeps her horse here, just brought sheep home and my son has a few sheep so we will blend the sheep’s wool with the angora in our yarn. A fun hobby to keep us busy, especially during the winter months

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