Who this blog is written for……

Who might be interested in this blog: of course people who are interested in horses! More importantly, people who want to learn about horses! At Apple Treat Stables we are all “students of the horse.” Learning is a life long adventure and nobody will ever know everything there is to know about horses.

The subject of horses is very large and diverse. There are over 350 breeds of horses and ponies in the world, most have their own registry and followers. The U. S. Equstrian recognizes 18 disciplines. Each sport requires different skills from horse and rider and all of them have different levels of competition.

Our riders will go to a few shows each season. We will offer a combination schooling show/clinic here at the barn. We will offer two horse camps for younger riders and Alisha usually has a “boot camp” for her students before a show. Developing excellent horse people is our main goal at Apple Treat Stables. I consider our barn more of a training barn as opposed to a ” show barn.”

Our trainer, Alisha, competes in Three Day Eventing. Three Day Eventing consists of 3 events; dressage, cross country, and show jumping. I will write a future blog about Three Day Eventing.

I participated in distance riding for several year, primarily Competitive Trail Rides and some Limited Distance Rides. I will write a future blog on Distance Riding but to ride distance safely you have to really know your horse. Distance riding is to horses what running marathons is to people. I learned a lot about taking care of your horse, conditioning both yourself as well as your horse for the rides, feeding, electrolytes, traveling and camping with your horse. Alisha has participated in a few Distance Rides as well.

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