In my first post I gave you an overview of our barn and in this post I will begin to introduce you to our community of people.

Alisha is our head trainer teaching and working with both horses and riders. She owns six horses at Apple Treat Stables. Ginny is her Chestnut Thoroughbred mare that she will be showing at the Intermediate level competing in Three Day Eventing. Lacey is her Bay Warmblood/Thoroughbred mare she is training in Dressage. Geronimo is her large grey Thoroughbred gelding in training for Three Day Eventing. Guiness is her older Thoroughbred gelding she uses in lessons teaching jumping. Faith is a young Chestnut (yes, you guessed it) Thoroughbred mare just starting her training. Last but not least, Licorice is her little 12 hand rescue pony in training to teach children to ride. Pop quiz; What is Alisha’s favorite breed of horse?

Curt is the barn owner and all around handy man; repairing fences, picking up loads of hay ,mowing grass and plowing snow…… oh, and hauling away manure!

Pat is the barn owner/manager who teaches beginner riders basic handling skills and how to walk, trot and canter before she sends riders on to learn from Alisha.

In future posts we will introduce you to both horses and riders.

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